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My Best Advice on How To Get Invoices Paid By The Due Date (It Works).

In my own business, I found that most invoice payments were delayed because there was some small thing missing from the sales process. Fix that one samll thing and the...

Big Business and Late Payments – Are You Really at Their Mercy?

Small business failures due to late payments have led to the appointment of small business commissioners in several countries. It’s a welcome idea but the truth is that most help...

How to Stop Stressing Out in Your Small Business

If cash flow is a constant problem in your business, you’re not alone. Over 60% of SMEs struggle with cash flow problems Generally, late paid invoices are the cause…. 60%...


What is the #1 reason why customers don't pay their invoices on time? [take the mini-quiz]

How to go from Clients Who Pay Invoices Late, To Clients Who Pay on Time

Here's some simple tips on what you need to ask your clients to make sure they pay your invoices on time.

How to Get Overdue Invoices Paid and Look Like A Rockstar

You’ll soon be a ROCKSTAR when the money from those overdue invoices is in your bank account and not in your customers.

The 4 Most Powerful Words to Use When Chasing Past Due Accounts

My ‘light bulb’ moment came from an ‘award-winning service’ workshop, where I learnt that the secret to happiness is helping others. It sounds odd I know but it made perfect...

The Power of Avoiding Bad Debt Expense

“Oh, that unpaid invoice was only $1000, it’s just a bad debt expense. It’s not so much in the whole scheme of things…” This is what a business owner, whose...

The Surprising Secrets of Politely Asking For Payment

Jane and Robert* have a successful service business. They'd like to grow thier business but have been turned down for a loan... ...they hadn’t been politely asking for payments so...

A Nice Way to Ask For Payment

From what my clients tell me, they don’t realise there’s a nice way to ask for payment, so there’s a deep-seated (but unfounded) fear around asking.

Frequent Late Payment of Commercial Debts?

If you are experiencing late payments of commercial debts, check your invoices and confirm that you've included all the pieces of information your customer needs to be able to pay...

The Fast Way to Feel Confident Asking For Payment Nicely

We realised that the more we knew about our client and their interactions with us, the more confident and powerful we felt about asking for payment nicely.

Late Invoice Payments? The Power of Being ‘Worried’

One of my clients was recently struggling; she had a very overdue invoice payment. A senior manager had promised to pay the invoice a few times, but the money never...

I Can’t Ask for Payment Before My Invoice is Due

It's a MYTH! You CAN ask - all you need to do is disguise your request as customer service - like we did. We used what we called our 'Courtesy...

What I Learned From ‘Elusive Debtors’ 

I didn't want to lose my recruitment business just because elusive debtors couldn't pay, so we developed strategies to get through to them and secure their payment.

Cash Flow: 5 Lessons SMEs Learn Too Late

Learn the 5 simple cash flow lessons that enabled me have strong cash flow, pay myself an MD's wage and grow my business, profits and equity to fund my retirement.

11 Effective Leadership Abilities – Part 3

If you’re already in a leadership role, you’ll know that displaying effective leadership abilities means that you are performing personally at an optimum level and uplifting the performance of others.

11 Effective Leadership Habits – Part 2

Effective leadership habits need long-term vision and approach. Serious effort is involved too, but the results are worth it for everyone involved.

11 Effective Leadership Skills – Part 1

Developing effective leadership skills needs a long-term approach. It takes serious effort, but the results are worth it.

A Simple, Easy Invoice That Gets Paid Fast

All it takes is a simple, easy invoice to get clients to pay super-fast. A simple invoice that reminds clients of the value you’ve provided.

How to Avoid A Past Due Invoice (with Ken Blanchard)

Who would have thought that good old-fashioned customer service can get your invoices paid by the due date, banish overdue invoices for ever and get your customers to grow your...

No Confidence Asking for Past Due Invoices? Try the 7 Habits

Build your confidence with the ‘7 Habits’ and see your invoices paid on time, your stress levels disappear and your cash flow grow.

How I Got My Invoices Paid On Time, Thanks to Michael Gerber

I was almost one of the 44% of business owners who close the doors every year. That was super-scary, and that’s what led me to Michael Gerber’s book, The E-Myth.

4 Expert Collection Strategy Tips

It seems that often, people don’t say or do anything about asking for their money back simply because they aren’t sure exactly what to say or do.

How to Ask for Payment Professionally and Get Paid Fast

I wrote‘GET PAID!’ after learning that 60% of small businesses fail every year, mostly because they don’t know how to ask for payment professionally. GET PAID! shows you the simple...

Boost Your Cash Flow: Invoice Fast

If your cash flow often needs a boost because your customers pay late, it might not be your customers’ fault. It might be something you can fix in a jiffy!

Avoid Overdue Accounts With This #1 Top Tip

Everyone loves to celebrate a sale – but when the invoice is unpaid, it destroys your profit. Too many can destroy your business. Try the simple sentence I've often used...

The Easy Answer to Managing Cash Flow

If late payments are constantly keeping you short of cash, try the simple strategy that worked in my business. Customers thought we were customer service heroes and paid on time,...

Will A Rocket Scientist Get Your Invoices Paid On Time?

Follow these 5 tips, make all your payment requests polite, and watch your cash flow, AND your business, grow.

Cash Flow Alert: How to Avoid Bad Debts

If a customer refuses to pay you or goes out of business owing you money, then your unpaid invoice turns into a bad debt. You’ve lost that money forever.

Cash Flow Crisis? Fix Invoice Control

Do you hesitate to chase up your customers for payment, and then wait so long for your money that you have a cash flow crisis? Lots of small business owners...

How To Avoid Cash Flow Risk With Customer Service

Good 'old-fashioned' customer service, in the right place and at the right time, can get invoices paid painlessly, avoid cash flow risk and save your business!

Asking Customers for Payment? The 2 Best Ways to Feel Confident

Taking notes in ‘collections shorthand’ will help you build your knowledge about clients. The more knowledge you have, the more confident you will feel asking customers for payment.

Why The Words You Choose Can Increase Your Cash Flow

What you say, and how you say it, has a big impact on how your client feels about you and when they pay your invoice. Choosing the right words will...

Clients Slow to Pay Invoices? Try This Winning Tip…

Here's an easy strategy for a simple friendly reminder. Use this 'winning tip' so you don't have to worry about demanding payment and upsetting your customer when the invoice is...

Making Collection Calls in a Small Business

The key is to get customers to pay their bills by the due date by following a few admin and customer service processes.  When they pay by the due date...

12 Polite Ways to Ask for Payment

If too many invoices aren’t paid any business will eventually fail. Regardless if we call it debt collection, accounts receivable, collections or credit control, invoices do have to be paid...

Outstanding Invoices? 4 Ways to Avoid Them

This 4-Step process features some of the simple strategies I used to get invoices paid in my business. All our customers paid on time so we avoided having outstanding invoices...

How to Ask for Payment Nicely

Knowing how to ask customers nicely for payment is super-important because SMEs wait 55 days on average to receive payment from customers, which causes cash flow shortages.

A Proven Collection Process for Small Business

Without a simple collection process, small business owners can struggle to get invoices paid. That can make it difficult for them to pay their staff, suppliers and themselves.

4 Quick Ways to Get Paid Sooner

One of the easiest ways to get paid sooner is to over-service your customers all through the sales process. There's 3 more equally easy ways - no specialist skills required.

Simple Invoicing Hacks to Improve Cash Collections

Secure and simple invoicing, and a process for getting those invoices paid fast, is essential for steady cash flow. This simple guideline will help you understand the process better.

Late Payments? First Things First

The failure rate of small business is very high and can devastate the owner. The cause is often poor of cash flow due to late payments. Here's how to avoid...

The 19 Collection Call Scripts You Need to Get Paid

Collection call scripts are an absolute ‘must’ to ensure every business gets their invoices paid without upsetting their customers. Here’s the list of scripts that worked well in my own...

9 Tips to Avoid Overdue Payment of Invoices

Overdue invoices can be fatal for any small business. Here are some of the strategies we used in my small business to make sure that customers paid us on time,...

How to Ask for Payment and Improve Cash Flow

Small business owners go out of their way to provide services to customers and then feel too embarrassed to ask for payment. Why?

Cash Flow Problems? Just Get Your Clients to Love You

If you’re a small business owner, chances are you’ve had cash flow problems. This is the second of two posts that will show you why good customer relations are important...

Improve Your Cash Flow With Good Customer Relationships

With good customer relations, customers are more likely to pay you before other suppliers, reorder and recommend you to other potential customers. This is the first of two posts to...

9 Quick Ways to Increase Profit

When I first started my business, I knew I had to make a profit to survive. I also knew it was going to be tough. I'd read that small business owners...

Best Books for Business to Make Dreams Come True

These are some of the books I read that inspired me to build my successful small business and sell it 15 years later for millions of dollars.

Too Scared to Ask for a Payment?

Not knowing how to ask for a payment can be a disaster for your business. Try these 10 simple tips to get your customers to pay you on time, every...

The Polite Way To Ask For Payment: 12 Steps

How can you find the polite way to ask for payment of your outstanding or overdue invoice? Just follow these 12 simple steps

Sick of Outstanding Payments? Try These Tactics

Some people get so stressed about collecting outstanding payments that it makes them sick. Take the stress out of getting paid with these simple tips.

The Best Payment Reminder: Top 10 Strategies

Collecting overdue invoices can feel like the dreariest of all business tasks, but once you find some proven payment reminder strategies, and figure out what works best, it can be...

How to Ask a Client for Payment Politely: 9 Simple Strategies

Worrying about how to ask a client for payment politely can cause cash flow shortages and problems. How less stressful would it feel if you could ask clients to pay...

Making Collection Calls To Put Your $$ Back In Your Bank Account

No-one wants to make collection calls, but overdue invoices = poor cash flow and often a business can't survive. The good news is that a bit of admin upfront gets...

4 Friendly Reminder Email Templates To Get Invoices Paid

In my small business we often successfully used friendly reminder emails when we chased our customers for payment. Email can be a very helpful tool when it's used in the...

7 Ways To Keep Sane When Disaster Strikes Your Small Business

As small business owners, we are all learning. Sometimes through a series of disasters, we get to know that we definitely don't know everything. We’ve all been there. Things can go...

9 Powered-Up Positive Leadership Styles

When I think about my biggest lesson on leadership, I cringe. I soon learnt, in the words of the great author on leadership, John C Maxwell... "A leader is one...

6 Ways Small Business Owners Get More Done with Less Stress

As small business owners, we are responsible for everything and everyone in our company. Here's how I reduced my stress levels and increased my output.

3 Simple Strategies to Increase Your Bottom Line

Don't feel embarrassed about making a profit in your small business. As a director, that's actually your job - to make a profit. So how do you increase your bottom...

5 Tips To Survive Small Business Disasters (When It All Goes Pear Shaped)

As any small business owner will tell you, it’s not as easy as it looks. The ABS reports that over 60% of small businesses cease operating in the first 3...

7 Payment Reminder Strategies to Get Paid Faster

Customer hasn't paid their invoice? It's very easy to jump to the conclusion that they don't want to pay - but that may not be true. Before you send a...

Not All Customers Are Profitable Customers – Choose Wisely

Some customers make you money and some cost you money. Here's how I uncovered our most profitable customers and grew my business with them

Having Trouble With Outstanding Invoices? Here’s How To Get Paid.

How many times have customers not paid your invoices by the due date? Don't get mad... Use these simple, proven tips to get paid and keep calm, relaxed and stress-free

18 Tips That Helped Me Build A Multi-Million Dollar Small Business

I started my small business with zero business knowledge. I think most small business owners do. I learnt everything I needed to know from other successful business owners. I went...

Asking for Payment: Why We Resist – And 3 Ways to Get Paid Without Asking

Why do so many of us provide products or services to customers but then feel that asking of payment is too embarrassing? If we don’t get paid, we might just...

3 Reasons You Should Ask for Payment of Invoices By Email

Here’s three instances where, done properly, email can really help you with on time payment of invoices. Having a strong working relationship with customers is a real bonus

Unpaid Invoices – 5 Tips to Get Paid Fast

Collecting overdue and unpaid invoices can be a challenge. But with the right collection strategies in place, getting customers to pay on time gets easier (and dare I say more...

5 Collection Strategy Tips – To Get Invoices Paid Fast and Stronger Cash Flow

Overdue Invoices? Top collection strategy tip: people pay people they like! All these collection strategy tips have been proven to get invoices paid on time, every time without upsetting customers

A Proven Collection Call Script

Hate making collections calls because you don't know what to say? Think you might upset your customer? Here's the perfect collection call script for small business owners, proven to get...

Collection of Accounts Receivable: The Process For Success

This simple system for the collection of accounts receivable works like a dream. Follow this easy cycle to get invoices paid on time, every time, even if you have zero...

9 ‘Must Read Business Books’ That Helped Me Grow And Sell My Small Business

Books by 9 of the 'Gurus' that taught me how to make my business more profitable, more valuable and attractive to buyers. I would never have been able to grow,...

Overdue Invoices? How To Ask For Payment Politely – In 4 Easy Steps

Does wondering how to ask for payment politely strike fear in your heart? You aren’t alone. But don't worry, there’s an easy way to ask for payment of your invoices...

The 2-Hour Business Action Plan For Growth and Success

A business action plan is an essential ingredient to grow a successful small business. Use this template to complete your plan and budget quickly and easily.

How to Write a Simple Invoice: A Step-by-Step Guide

49% of invoices sent have errors on them and don't get paid on time. Learn how to write simple error-free invoices that get paid on time.

How to Use a Business Plan Template For Small Business Success

Small businesses with written goals are 80% more likely to survive and thrive. Here's the business plan template pdf I used to develop my very profitable small business