Jan Reeves

Helps you Get Paid!

Jan is living proof that you can run a profitable small business. Jan has run one of the most profitable small businesses in Australia. Most of her competitors had profits of under 10%, many with just 3 or 4%. Jan’s recruitment company achieved  24%!

Jan was able to achieve those profit margins because of the strong relationships she built with customers. Customers paid invoices within 21 days and provided cost-effective repeat business and referrals.

Strong cash-flow and high profitability can make a MASSIVE difference to the value of any small business. Having sold her business for a record sum, Jan now shares her proven systems and strategies with other business owners so they can also get paid on time and increase their cash flow, profit and business value.

Need Help Getting Paid?

Discover how easy it is to ensure all your outstanding customer invoices are paid on time, every time, with Jan Reeves’ acclaimed ‘GetPaid’ e-course.

Jan’s complete payment system is designed to give business operators all the tools they need to ensure invoices are paid on time while establishing better customer relationships that bring repeat business and referrals.

Featuring all Jan’s proven tips and ideas, this simple business strategy increases vital cash flow, profits, and business value.

Enjoy a taste of all the expertise Jan Reeves and the ‘Get Paid’ eCourse has to offer with free Collection Call Scripts to reduce outstanding invoices.

With these easy-to-follow Call Scripts and Tips, Jan offers a complimentary starter course to set your business on the path to increasing cash flow, and reducing outstanding debt, now and into the future.

Jan’s Call Scripts and Tips share a wealth of knowledge accumulated over two decades as a collections professional, and 15 years as a successful small business owner.

Stop Press…coming soon!. Jan’s first book ’GetPaid’ is written expressly for small business owners. Combining her experience as a credit contoller and success as an entrepreneur.

In her new, myth-busting publication, Jan shares her best collections, cash flow and profit tips in one light-hearted, accessible book. Designed to be read in a couple of hours, or ‘dipped into’ to find a solution for a specific problem,

Jan’s practical and upbeat book is destined to be the go-to guide for any small business that wants to increase cash flow, profits and business value.

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