Teaching small business owners a simple 5-Step process to get invoices paid in under 30 days … without losing a customer!


Through my GET PAID! Masterclass and GET PAID! book let me show you fast and easy ways to get your invoices paid on time using my proven methods and call collection scripts.

GET PAID! Masterclass

Discover what to do, what to say and when to say it, to make sure you get paid on time and never lose a customer.



Do you have heaps of overdue invoices, and customers not paying you on time? My book is especially for you!


Meet Jan

Helping business owners get paid on time and achieve reliable cash flow to build a valuable and profitable business.


“Jan Reeves really knows this stuff. We immediately applied just 3 of her tips and brought in close to $50k in the following week.”

Glen Carlson
Director, Dent Global

Companies I’ve worked with…

Successful growing businesses and the cash flow problem

“60% of invoices are paid late, and 44% of businesses have to close their doors every year, just because they run out of cash.” 

– Xero

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Learn the 5 Steps to get your invoices paid In 30 days or less AND keep customers for life.

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There are two types of businesses…

So how do you get customers to pay in 30 days or less and keep them for life?

Doing nothing, except waiting for customers to pay, is the worst thing you can do…
Taking control of your money without upsetting your customer relationships is key.

In the GET PAID! Masterclass, you’ll discover…

  1. Exactly what to do
  2. Exactly what to say and
  3. When to say it

…to make sure you get paid on time and never lose a customer, just like I did.

What's included in the MasterClass?

“Jan’s company had some of the best quality systems I have ever seen. She is a strong, yet highly personable business leader who is well suited to growing successful businesses”

Tony Hall
Managing Director, Navigator Consulting

Jan’s Collection Tips Library

How to go from Clients Who Pay Invoices Late, To Clients Who Pay on Time

Here's some simple tips on what you need to ask your clients to make sure they pay your invoices on time.

Having Trouble With Outstanding Invoices? Here’s How To Get Paid.

How many times have customers not paid your invoices by the due date? Don't get mad... Use these simple, proven tips to get paid and keep calm, relaxed and stress-free

Unpaid Invoices – 5 Tips to Get Paid Fast

Collecting overdue and unpaid invoices can be a challenge. But with the right collection strategies in place, getting customers to pay on time gets easier (and dare I say more enjoyable!)

Are you ready to start getting paid on time?

I’ll show you exactly what to do, what to say and when to say it, to make sure you get paid in 30 days  and never lose a customer