The Surprising Secrets of Politely Asking For Payment

Jane and Robert* have a successful service business in Melbourne. They’ve got an opportunity to grow their business but have been turned down for a loan. The truth is they have too many outstanding debtors…they hadn’t been politely asking for payment from clients.

Lenders consider any business with too many outstanding debtors a ‘risk’.

Lenders worry that they won’t get their repayments.

They feel that if a business doesn’t know how to ask their client for payment, they’ll struggle to pay back their loan.

Not asking clients for payment AND then having to too many debtors are both common problems for SMEs.

The same thing happened to me.

I couldn’t get a loan either…but it did me a favour.

Instead, I learnt simple ways of politely asking for payment so that clients paid on time…

… then I used that money to fund the growth of my business.

It worked brilliantly.

15 years later, with a ‘blue chip’ client list, and a $12m t/o with 24% profits, I sold my business and ‘retired’ to France.

When I shared my story with Jane and Robert, they decided to do that too.

To give them a ‘fast start’, I put together a list of 20 SURPRISING ‘Dos and Don’ts’ that we used with clients when politely asking for payment.

These are the first 3 Don’ts:

DON’T be disinterested in your client or their business. Your payment will go to the back of the pile.

DON’T chase invoices by email unless you are confirming or clarifying and agreement.

DON’T worry. It’s OK not to know the answer to everything. Have a handy ‘get out of jail’ phrase ready (one that makes you look like a customer service champion).

Want all the 20 SURPRISING ‘Dos and Don’ts so you’re sure you are politely asking for payment?

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