A Nice Way to Ask For Payment

A nice way to ask for payment. Is there such a thing?

One thing is for sure… there’s no dispute…

… in any business, CASH FLOW is KING.

Financial guru Kim Radok is 100% right when he says:

“Try operating a business without cash, you won’t last long”.

But we know that about 33% of businesses don’t chase up unpaid and overdue invoices.

Very often they can’t think of a nice way to ask for payment, so they don’t ask at all!

Not finding a way to ask for payment of your invoices is a recipe for disaster!

Why would a business take the risk of not asking for payment…

… then run out of cash and potentially, lose their business…

…rather than ask their clients to pay their invoices?

The fear of running out of cash and having to close my recruitment business compelled me to find a nice way to ask for payment of invoices.

Once I’d found a nice way to ask…

… disguised as customer service, BEFORE the invoices were even due for payment….

…. In a way that didn’t upset my clients…

…almost all our invoices were paid by the due date.

Finding all the nice ways to ask for payment allowed my business to survive and thrive!

From what my clients tell me, they don’t realise there’s a nice way to ask for payment…

…so there’s a deep-seated (but unfounded) fear around asking.

These are some of the reasons why my clients didn’t ask. They…

  1. Thought they might upset their customer by asking
  2. Weren’t sure what to say
  3. Felt they might say the wrong thing and embarrass themselves
  4. Thought their customer might get angry and they’ll be ‘stuck for words’
  5. Thought they should not ask. It’s ‘not their right’ to ask for their money back.
  6. Didn’t feel confident asking for payment
  7. Didn’t know who to ask for payment
  8. Thought it’s ‘not very business-like’ to ask
  9. Felt their client might think they’re ‘hard up’ because they’re asking
  10. Feared their customer might ask something they don’t know the answer to

If you’re a small business owner with unpaid invoices…

… tell me in the comments below, which of the #1-10 is your main reason for not asking your clients to pay… or is it a reason I haven’t listed here?

I want to help…

…I’ll reply with a nice way to ask for payment in any scenario you have.

To your business success!

Unpaid invoices? Not sure what to say?

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