How to Stop Stressing Out in Your Small Business

If cash flow is a constant problem in your business, you’re not alone.

Over 60% of SMEs struggle with cash flow problems

Generally, late paid invoices are the cause….

60% of all invoices are paid late. I didn’t chase up unpaid invoices in my first year of business. BIG MISTAKE…

Suddenly, my biggest customer couldn’t pay. Without that money, I couldn’t pay my staff or suppliers. Somehow, good luck prevailed, and I got paid 2 weeks later…

… but the worry I’d felt was terrible. I didn’t ever want to feel that stressed ever again…

…so I incorporated a 5-Step ‘customer-care’ process

… into our SALES -> CASH PROCESS. Who has heard of that before?

Customers had no idea that our service calls were to make sure they paid us…

… they loved our service, paid on time and reordered and recommended us to other businesses!!

15 years later that business was so profitable that I sold it and retired to France.

Without my 5-Step GET PAID! process, I wouldn’t have been able to do that. Don’t let cash flow problems stress you out…

… instead, download your FREE copy of my 5-Step GET PAID! cheat-sheet on the right-hand side of this post.

Small business is already a challenge. Be cashed-up and stress-free at least… What are you waiting for?

To your business success!

Are overdue invoices driving you crazy?

60% of invoices are paid late and 44% of businesses go broke every year just because they run out of cash. Don’t let that happen to you.

Fill in the form and download your FREE Cheat sheet ‘5 Steps to Getting Paid – On time, Every Time’ and start getting your invoices paid – right now…

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