The Fast Way to Feel Confident Asking For Payment Nicely

Unsure how to ask cusomers for payment nicely?

My recent survey revealed that 67% of people want to feel MORE CONFIDENT asking clients to pay.

I know how that feels. At first, I didn’t feel confident asking clients to pay in my business…

We had 2 different types of business and different terms: 7 and 30-day terms.

To survive and thrive, we needed to start asking for payment nicely, and to our terms.

So we designed a way to feel 100% confident about asking for payment…

How to Ask For Payment Nicely

… Francis Bacon’s quote ‘KNOWLEDGE IS POWER’ sums up our strategy.

We realised that the more we knew about our client and their interactions with us, the more confident and powerful we felt about asking for payment nicely.

We started to keep simple notes of conversations. Then we quickly reviewed those and the client’s current and past transactions before contacting them to ask for payment.

Then, whatever came up in conversation, we could confidently respond to it

AND, when we didn’t know the answer to a question…

…we had a brilliant ‘get out of jail’ strategy:

“I’m sorry, Mr client, I’m not 100% positive on that. Let me find out and come straight back to you. Will you be there after lunch today?”

If you need more help to feel comfortable, and confident that you’re asking for payment nicely, check out Step 2 of my GETPAID! book where I cover confidence more fully.

To your business success!