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Discover the simple 5-step process I used for 15 years in my small business. All our customers paid on time and bought from us time and time again…

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Transform your business and get paid faster.

Every day you delay taking action is causing you unnecessary stress, frustration and cash flow problems.

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Client testimonials

“In her “Get Paid” Masterclass, Jan Reeves outlines practical, easy to follow and effective methods for getting your invoices paid on time – surely one of the most important aspects of managing your money in business…”

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Hunter Leonard
Author of Generation Experience

“The modules are set up logically with great checklists… I’d happily recommend this to anyone who would like their invoices paid on time”

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Helen McCullough
Umbrellar Ltd, Auckland, NZ

5 simple and easy to follow modules

Module 1 – How to set customers up for success

  • A Simple Process to Set Customers up for Payment Success
  • Why ‘Killer’ Invoices are Crucial
  • When and How to Send Your Invoices to Get Paid Fast
  • Terms of Trade – Are Yours Stopping You Getting Paid on Time?
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Module 2 – Feel 100% Confident Asking For Payment

  • Knowledge is Power: Power Equals Confidence
  • Superhero Tips for Making or Receiving a Call
  • 10 Easy Ways to Confidently Start A conversation With A Customer
  • How To Know The Answer To Everything
  • 4 Ways to Meet Your Customer: How and Why it Builds Confidence
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Module 3 – Exactly What to Say, When and To Whom

  • The Brilliant ‘Insider Secret’ – The Perfect Solution
  • 6 Ways to Find the Decision Maker
  • How To Get Customers to Like You so They Pay You
  • It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It
  • 5 Questions to Ask to Get Commitment to Pay
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Module 4 – How to Minimise Problems That Delay Payment

  • Customers Don’t Pay Invoices with Errors. How to Minimise Errors
  • How to Make ‘Excuses Not to Pay’ Vanish Super Fast
  • How to Get Past ‘The Gatekeeper’
  • How to Gain Your Customers’ Commitment
  • The Best Way to Use Email to Help You Get Paid
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Module 5 – ‘Red Flags’ – Could This Become a Bad Debt?

  • ‘Red Flags’ – How to Spot One and What to Do About It
  • How to Train Slow Paying Customers to Pay Faster
  • 6 Ways to Find Those ‘Elusive‘ People
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“I’ve known Jan since 2003 and hold her in the highest regard.
She is incredibly. committed, professional and passionate.
I seek her opinion as the person in business who I respect the most. Her feed-back, advice and wisdom are of great value to me”

John Ratcliffe
Principle and Owner, Match Business Sales