How I Got My Invoices Paid On Time, Thanks to Michael Gerber

invoices paid on time

Not long after I started my business, I was almost a statistic…

… I was almost one of the 44% of business owners who close the doors every year. They can’t get their invoices paid on time so they run out of cash.

That was super-scary and that’s what led me to Michael Gerber’s book, The E-Myth.

Michael Gerber’s advice is that you need a system to run a successful business.

Within that system are smaller systems for the most important things in the

  • Important System #1 is how to make a sale. No sales = no business
  • Important System #2 is getting your invoices paid on time for those sales. Not being able to pay your staff, your suppliers or yourself also = no business.

I’d almost run out of cash because my invoices weren’t paid and I had no cash…

I followed Michael’s advice and documented the process for ‘how to make a sale’. Then I taught other sales staff.

But before that, I made a simple 5-step system that got all our invoices paid on time. We got all our invoices paid by the due date – and all without ever upsetting a customer.

Watch this video to find out how to get your invoices paid on time too.

What systems do you have for making a sale and then getting your invoices paid on time for that sale?

To your business success!