Cash Flow: 5 Lessons SMEs Learn Too Late

Struggling with cash flow? Many SMEs are.

Maybe cash flow is so slow that you’re not able to pay your staff or yourself a wage – 32% of business owners can’t.

If you’re struggling to pay staff on time and can’t pay yourself a decent wage, that’s scary.

One of the top reasons for business failure is slow cash flow – all too often because clients haven’t paid their invoices.

It almost happened to me and my business too…

…then I learnt a simple 5-step process to get my clients to pay on time.

It was just a simple customer service process, so my p/t administrator could do it for me.

Those 5 simple steps improved my cash flow and my business.

From that day on, I could always easily pay myself an MD’s wage and all my expenses AND, my business grew and grew until I sold it 15 years later.

If you’re struggling to pay yourself because unpaid invoices are damaging your cash flow, download my Cash Flow Nightmare 5-Step Cheat-Sheet on the right-hand side of this post.

The 5 Steps show you:

  1. How important invoicing is and the best way to get them to your customers
  2. How to create invoices that have a 50% better chance of being paid on time
  3. How to make sure your customer is fully aware of the invoice due date
  4. How to make it easy for your customers to pay you fast
  5. How making a ‘customer care’ call before your invoice is due can save you time and money

My 5-Step GET PAID! process worked for me for 15 years. It’ll work for you too.

To your business success!

Overdue Invoices Wrecking Your Cash Flow?

60% of invoices are paid late, and 44% of businesses go broke every year,  just because they run out of cash.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Download your FREE 5 Steps to Getting Paid On time,' Cheat sheet, and start getting your invoices paid super-fast, right now…