A Simple, Easy Invoice That Gets Paid Fast

All it takes is a simple, easy invoice to get clients to pay super-fast. A simple, easy invoice that reminds clients of the value you’ve provided.

If you don’t remind clients, they can easily forget all the hard work you’ve done for them and put your invoice to one side to ‘pay later’.

Using the invoce to emind clients of  the work we’d done for them is a simple strategy I used in my own business and one I teach my clients.

Here’s the message I just received from a new recruitment business owner client.

“I sent one of your simple, easy invoices yesterday, and they paid this morning. Woo hoo!”

A perfect result. “Woo hoo’ indeed. It made my day too.

How to write a simple, easy invoice:

Instead of putting just the usual one-line explanation of his services, like this:

‘Recruitment services: Sales Manager John Smith etc…’

My client wrote the invoice up in a simple, easy way, just reminding his client of all the different steps he’d taken to find the right new recruit to fit into his client’s team.

On the invoice, he’d simply listed the steps so that his client could clearly see the value he’d provided:

  1. Visit to discuss the full requirements of the position including the ‘5 key attributes’
  1. Thoroughly search our existing database of 600 sales managers.
  1. Telephone screen 15 potential ‘close fit’ candidates
  1. Face-to-face interview the 5 ‘best fit candidates
  1. Discuss by ‘phone, a shortlist of 3 candidates which match your ‘5 key attributes’
  1. Write detailed CVs listing key accomplishments
  1. Provide in-depth candidate feedback
  1. Conclude salary, benefits, and start date negotiations

Making an invoice simple and easy for your client to understand, AND at the same time remind them of the value you have provieded is just a small ‘tweak’…

… that small ‘tweak’  can make a massive difference to your cash flow (and peace of mind).

How could you write simple, easy invoices that remind your client of the value you’ve provided so they pay super-fast – maybe even the next day!

To your business success!