My Best Advice on How To Get Invoices Paid By The Due Date (It Works).

How to get invoices paid is one of the biggest SME questions.

You can see why…

Upwards of 60% of invoices are paid late (24% of SMEs say late payments are a bigger issue than a year ago).

THE CONSEQUENCES of all those LATE PAYMENTS is SCARY. That’s why ‘how to get paid’ is such a ‘hot topic’ for SMEs.

New figures show us that 46% OF BUSINESSES FAIL in the first 5 years…

…one of the biggest culprits? LACK OF CASH FLOW due to the inability to get invoices paid.

Business owners often think that there’s nothing they can do.

Once the invoice has left them, they have lost control…

But that’s NOT TRUE at all.

In my own business, I found that most invoice payments were delayed because there was some small thing missing from the sales process.

It could be something miniscule, but all the time there’s something not quite right, the invoice won’t be paid.

We already had a customer service-oriented PROCESS FOR MAKING SALES…

…I just added a few steps to the sales process to get invoices paid too.

That’s how I created my 5-Step GET PAID! System.

We completely hid the PROCESS TO GET PAID into our sales process.

Our clients thought we were customer service heroes. They loved the great sales service. They had no idea we were also making sure we got paid on time for our sales.

Of course, we loved to get our invoices paid on time, so it was a massive WIN/WIN

If you need a process to ensure you get paid for your sales, download my 5-Step Cheat Sheet on the right of this post.

Get started straight away and make sure you aren’t one of the 46% of businesses who fail because they hesitate to get invoices paid

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