Here’s a little quiz to get you thinking about how many unpaid and overdue invoices you have…

And then, how many of those invoices that are unpaid or overdue is not because your customer doesn’t want to pay them.

Intrigued? Take the quiz, you might be surprised!

Please share your answers in comments below (hint: you might find the key in the image)

1. How often do customers call a supplier to advise there’s an error on the supplier’s invoice?

a. Always?
b. Hardly ever?

2. What % of invoices are sent out with an error?

a. Less than 10%
b. More than 40%

3. If a customer does raise an invoice query, will they pay before or after the query is resolved?

a. Before
b. After

4. When is the best time for a business to find out their customer has a query on an invoice?

a. When payment is overdue
b. Before the invoice is due for payment

5. When speaking to a customer about an invoice query, which is most important?

a. What you say
b. How you say it