I Can’t Ask for Payment Before My Invoice is Due

That’s a MYTH… you CAN ask for payment before your invoice is due, it just needs to be in the right way.

In my recruitment company, we always got our invoices paid on time by using this tactic…

…we called it our ‘Courtesy Call’.

The Courtesy Call is a stand-out winner for…

  • Improving collections
  • Improving cash flow and
  • Being ‘top of mind’ with your customer (for more orders)
  • Improving your all-important profit
  • Improving customer relationships

This simple but effective collection strategy will put you far ahead of your competition.

The Courtesy Call is a call you make BEFORE your invoice is due for payment.

It’s a simple customer-care call …

… this customer-care call is designed to make the caller (you!) look like a customer service superhero AND…

…at the same time, and without your customer realising it, nudge your invoice toward the person who can and will affect your payment by the due date.

How to Ask for Payment Before Your Invoice Is Due

You simply make your friendly ‘customer-service’ call to confirm that your client is completed satisfied with your service (they will love the top customer service)…

… And, while you’re on the ‘phone, you confirm that your invoice is with the right person…

… and in the right place, AND that there are no queries to prevent it being authorised for payment and paid when the invoice is due.

Our customers LOVED the fact that we checked on their satisfaction and they went out of their way to pay us on time.

What could be easier?

What’s stopping you using this strategy and making ‘Courtesy Calls’ to your customers so you also get your payment when the invoice is due?

To your business success!