How to Avoid A Past Due Invoice (with Ken Blanchard)

past due invoice

In my first year of business, a past due invoice almost sent me broke.

Luckily (and just in time), I learnt from Ken Blanchard’s book ‘Raving Fans’ that the way to get my invoices paid on time was to develop trust with our clients…

…and the way to establish that trust was to look after clients really well, with good, old-fashioned customer service.

We never wanted another past due invoice

When we started to give our customers ‘world-class service’, they paid us back like this:

1. They paid our invoices on or before the due date. Suddenly, we didn’t have another past due invoice.

2. Because they liked and trusted us, they didn’t go to another supplier; they re-ordered from us.

3. Clients become our ‘raving fans.’ As a result, they recommended us to other businesses that needed our service.

Because clients paid our invoices on time, we didn’t have another past due invoice anymore

We never had  to worry about cash flow – we always had a full bank account and…

… repeat orders and referrals meant that we had lots of new invoices to be paid too!

Watch this video to see how ‘Raving Fans’ helped my business grow.

Hey! Who would have thought that good, old-fashioned customer service can get your invoices paid by the due date, banish overdue invoices forever and get your customers to grow your business for you?

Hit reply and tell me… what do you do to get your customers to like and trust you?

To your business success!